The Kate: for generations to come

Marjorie Jolidon never came to the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center. By the time the Center opened, Marjorie was homebound and limited to her classic movies on the television – but still she was interested in what went on at the Kate. A lifelong music teacher, organist, and president of several musical organizations, she listened attentively when her neighbors and caretakers bragged about the performances they had seen at the new cultural institution on Main Street.

Little did her neighbors know that their words inspired Marjorie to find a way to support The Kate, support the Center first learned about when contacted by her estate. In her will, Marjorie had left The Kate a very generous gift, a gift the Center used as the cornerstone of an endowment fund. This fund will help preserve the Center for generations after Marjorie and children and adults who will grow up with the Kate as an integral part of their community. Appropriately, those who give to this fund join Marjorie as members of the Golden Pond Society.

Marjorie wasn’t wealthy, but her gift will leave a legacy of cultural wealth for thousands of children and adults in the decades to come. It is this goal that drives all the members of the Golden Pond Society.

There are several ways to become a member of the Golden Pond Society and help ensure the future of the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center

  1. The first is through a designated gift to the Kate and the Society. All designated gifts to the Society will be segregated for the Center’s Endowment.
  2. Gifts of stock are also welcome. To donate stock, instruct your firm to “DTC” to Edward Jones DTC#0057 FBO Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center/Account Number 265-16049-1-6. Specify the number of shares of a particular company you would like to donate.
  3. Remember the Kate as you plan your estate. Your will is a good way to honor the things that were important to you during your life. You need not tell the Center of your intentions, but we hope you will so we can recognize you and your gift as part of the Golden Pond Society.

The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) cultural non-profit so all gifts are tax deductible under the law. For more information about the Golden Pond Society or to share that you have considered the Kate in your estate planning, please contact the Center at 860.510.0473.