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Wednesday, August 17, 2022 - 7:30 pm

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If John Denver had a son….You have to admit it. The resemblance to music icon John Denver – who died in 1997 when his experimental aircraft crashed into the Pacific Ocean - is uncanny. Listen to Ted Vigil and you’ll be Rocky Mountain High all over again.

Ted, who has been performing since he was 10, as well as writing, recording and performing his original compositions, won a national Talent Quest title as John Denver in 2006. After winning a celebrity look-alike contest, he began planning his John Denver tribute show. Since then Ted has performed as John Denver nationwide, offering some of Denver’s most familiar tunes, including “Thank God I'm A Country Boy,” “Calypso,” “Annie’s Song,” “Rocky Mountain High” and “Sunshine on My Shoulders.” He has wowed crowds from coast to coast and has played twice for John Denver’s own “Windstar Foundation” in Aspen Colorado.

The most heard comments after one of Ted's shows are echoed in this review from a long time John Denver fan: “I was completely blown away by this young man, Ted Vigil. From the moment he set foot on the stage, I was mesmerized by his voice and his incredible resemblance to the late and great John Denver. Ted Vigil's voice, mannerisms and humor were so much like John's that I had to keep reminding myself it was a 'tribute show'....that wasn't really Johnny up on that stage - Ted Vigil is THAT GOOD!!!  He brings John back to the stage, if only for a little while…and the experience he creates is magical!”