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While 55% of the Kate’s income comes from ticket sales,  the other crucial 45% comes from donations from supporters just like you. Whether you’re a resident of the local community, an ardent fan of Katharine Hepburn, or a current member, business member, or sponsor of the Kate, we still need your help!  By making a donation, you enable the Kate to continue offering a wonderful variety of high-quality performances and events for children and adults  in the spirit of Katharine Hepburn herself.

Please join us in support of quality performing arts in our community!


Consider a gift to the Sound & Vision Campaign!

After nine years and more than 1,600 programs, we’ve learned a lot about the Kate’s performance space. When it comes to sound, our dedicated and professional technicians ensure the best possible, but have all but maximized our current resources. Raising the necessary funds will allow us to purchase and install new equipment, including surround sound. This is essential to be able to give you the best experience by providing a more vivid soundscape that suits the characteristics of the theater.

We’ve just crossed the $55,000 mark, bringing us much closer to our $150,000 goal. But, you can still make a difference and contribute to the Sound & Vision Campaign – your support will help shape and elevate the Kate experience! Donate today.


donate now

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