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Sunday, August 12, 2018 - 2:00 pm

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CROSSING: A MUSICAL JOURNEY blends 18 original songs, drama and comedy to present the incredible true story of love, loss, redemption and how a Scottish family came to America in the 1800s. The program features the southeastern Connecticut band Maggie's Guitar, Braiden Sunshine of television's “The Voice,” and Jack Moriarty, guitarist for Chuck Berry and Foreigner. With Galen Donovan; Abby Cunningham; John Lamar; and Michael Johnson.


Thomas Morrison is the son of a wealthy businessman, George Morrison of Edinburgh. Thomas and the maid of the household, Violette, fall in love and marry in secret. George discovers the secret, has the marriage annulled, and sends Violette away. Thomas threatens to leave unless George brings Violette back; George calls his son's bluff.  Thomas emigrates to America, hoping to make his fortune so that he will have the means to find his love, but he is never heard from again.

A few months later, Violette returns to the Morrison mansion with George's grandson, Thomas Jr. She is sick, and when she dies, George raises the boy as his own son. When Thomas Jr. turns 18, George tells him the true story of his parents, and Thomas Jr. determines to go to America to find his father. Thomas Jr. spends years going from mill village to mill village, working with Scottish immigrants, looking for his father, to no avail. One day, he is telling his foreman his story, and the foreman responds, incredibly, “I think I've heard your story before, and I think I know your father. He's the man who owns this mill.” Thomas Jr.'s search is over.