It’s been six years since Brad Zimmerman has picked up a ratty dishcloth or taken an order from a customer — well, except for his one-man-show where he re-enacts it all.

Born in Bergen County, N.J., Brad Zimmerman started out in a rather large Jewish population. He is proud of his roots and says that it was “a great place to grow up,” according to an interview with In the same interview, Brad says that he and his family followed the Jewish traditions, and that after going through it all, “I [Brad] loves being a Jew.”

Aside from being a proud Jewish young man, Brad was also a very talented athlete throughout his middle school and high school careers. In  college, however, he took a turn in the opposite direction when he discovered his love of acting. After graduating, he moved to New York City to chase after this new dream, to which he could only hope would one day become reality.

Little did he know, he had many hard times waiting for him before he would make it big.

Through the repetition of every order taken, every rude customer, and every flick of the wrist as the international sign for “Check, please,” Brad Zimmerman has found some comic relief to it all. He is able to do something that many of us are unable to do — make fun of the long and difficult times that he has been through to get to where he is now.

Brad started his acting career as a waiter, as so many had done before him. On top of memorizing lines for auditions, he was memorizing the daily specials for each night that he was waiting tables.

When Brad realized the intimidatingly long times ahead of him in order to break into Broadway, he stepped back and decided to take a new route — stand up. In the early 1990′s Brad began to work hard at perfecting the craft of stand up comedy, and eventually started landing great jobs, including his role as the opening act for Joan Rivers and the late George Carlin. In addition to this, Brad Zimmerman was finally becoming a regular at New York comedy clubs, and people would file in to see his well-known and hilarious acts.

Everything came full circle when Brad landed an acting role in one of the best shows of all time, “The Sopranos.” In addition to this, he also received roles in soap operas such as “Loving” and “All My Children.” His ultimate dream was finally becoming reality, and to top it off he had achieved a second dream along the way that he had never initially intended.

Just like any true actor, however, Brad Zimmerman could not diverge from his theatrical roots any longer. In his one man show, “My Son, The Waiter; A Jewish Tragedy,” Brad is able to show off how he can combine his comedic and acting skills beautifully into one show that will not only entertain, but will also touch the heart of anyone who knows what it is like to have a dream.

Through every awful experience at the restaurant, to the endless conversations with his disappointed mother, the audience watches Brad with his extraordinarily clever and lighthearted sense of humor as he re-lives some of the worst times he has seen in his life thus far.

According to, Brad Zimmerman’s favorite quote that got him through these tough times, was, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken,” said by Oscar Wilde. Brad went on to say, “That’s what I do. I’m just being me.”

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