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Larry King

Shortly after the death of Katharine Hepburn IN 2003, CNN’s Larry King gathered a bunch of Kate’s friends and went on the air with a tribute.

I read the transcript of this event and there are lots of gems to pull out of it, so I thought I’d post it for all of you.

King’s guests included the late Dr Robert (Bob) Hepburn, Kate’s brother, actors, Robert Wagner, and Richard Chamberlain, Kate’s grand niece, Schuyler Grant, Kate’s goddaughter, Katharine Kramer, and Spencer Tracy’s Daughter, Susie Tracy.

This was quite some line-up!

One of the sweetest parts of the interviews is the fact that we learn Katharine Hepburn made some dolls for Robert Wagner’s daughter whom he named after Kate.

Larry King: “All right, Robert Wagner, what is the story of the naming of the daughter?

WAGNER: Well, when Spencer introduced me to Katie, it was a wonderful thrill for me to meet her and also the thing that was so extraordinary was that he trusted me. He gave so much to me, Spence did, you know, over the years. When he included me in this way with his relationship with Kate, I of course was in enamored with her. And when we had our child we named her after Kate. And they came out to the ranch to see her, they came out together and they came in and they brought this wonderful crib that they had bought, beautiful French crib at an antique store. They had wonderful taste. They brought that and another piece that we put on the wall to put pictures in and things like that. But she said just a minute and she went back out to the car and she came in and she had made two dolls for our Kate and one of them was Katie Hepburn, Kate Hepburn and her wonderful slacks with the little belt and open shirt and a sweater tied around her neck and it looked absolutely wonderful. And Kate made it herself and she made a doll of Spence from the “Old Man In The Sea.” This is the way my Katie started off in life. That’s not too bad, you know.”

Wouldn’t it be great to see those two dolls Kate made?

See you at “The Kate.”
Ann Nyberg,Trustee, KHCAC

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