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Holmby Hills, California home of actress-singer Judy Garland

This was the Holmby Hills, California (Los Angeles) home of actress-singer Judy Garland. Garland lived here from 1953 thru 1960 with her husband at the time, Sid Luft, and their two children, Lorna and Joey.

It was here that the”Holmby Hills” Rat Pack met from time to time.

Everybody thinks of the “Rat Pack” as the 1950′s gentlemen club of Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop. Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior and Peter Lawford. Well it turns out,  as legend has it, that the “Rat Pack” was actually started by Humphrey Bogart and his wife Lauren Bacall and it was called the “Holmby Hills” Rat Pack as dubbed by Bacall. Why did she call it that?

The web site: porthalcyon will spell that out for you and it has a lot more on the Holmby Hills group and how they partied together in secret and what a light turned on over the Bogart home meant. Can you imagine this group running around secreted away in the spots that only they knew about? It kept them out of the gossip columns as much as possible.

Among the members of the first group, Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy and a very young Frank Sinatra.

The “Holmby” group considered themselves the cream of the crop of “A” listers who thumbed their noses at Hollywood.

Eventually Sinatra would form his own Rat Pack, which is what most of think of today when we hear the term.

There is more on the Holmby Hills Rat Pack here.

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