Courtesy: The Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Connecticut

This is a picture of the Hepburn children with their Mother (Katharine Martha ¬†Houghton Hepburn) taken in 1920 or ’21. Katharine Hepburn is in the lower left hand side. In this photo she is thought to be 12 or 13 years old. Kate was the second born of the six children.

In front of Kate is Marion, who Married Ellsworth Grant, the gentleman who we are continuously interviewing for this site, Ellsworth is now 90.

The baby is Margaret (Peggy).

The eldest child was Thomas (Tom) (at the top of the photo) who died at the age of 15.

Robert(Bob) is to the left of his mother.

Richard (Dick) is to the right of his mother.

All of the children were born in Hartford, Connecticut and had the same middle name, “Houghton.”

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Ann Nyberg, Trustee, KHCAC

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    My grandfather’s first love was Peggy Hepburn.

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