Okay ta-dah! Here it is. The new logo for the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center. We love it. It is of course in Katharine Hepburn’s favorite color, red. It is fresh and modern and reflects all the many things that will be going on at the theater. Here are just some of the money events to come. There will be comedy, cabaret, drama, dance, exhibits, lectures, home town fun, music, live events in HD from the MET, 92nd Street Y events from New York City, live television events, many children’s shows and drama camps for kids and even film, yes, we are 100 percent modern in a National Historic Register venue. Pretty neat, right?

Because “Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center” is such a mouthful, the venue will be known as “The Kate.” The nickname is perfect, because that’s what family and friends called Hepburn…she even referred to herself as “Kate.”

We love he slogan….”I’ll meet you at The Kate.”

So, how did we come up with this? We worked with Good Design out of Deep River, Connecticut. By the way, Deep River is a gorgeous part of the state of Connecticut, just thought I’d throw that in there. Digressing a bit further, the town is quite near the Goodspeed Opera House. Goodspeed Musicals has been instrumental in helping us to open the theater and we thank them so much. Under the leadership of Executive Director, Michael Price the venue thrives and is world famous.

Back to Good Design. Caryn Erickson and Gabielle Hoffman helped guide is in our design of the logo in so many ways. Trust me when I tell you we taxed them on this one, wanting be so careful to represent the 4-time Academy Award wining actress in a respectful way and yet represent all that we will be.

Look for our new Logo everywhere, and if you’d like, take it and put it on your website and help us spread the word about this wonderful place called “The Kate.”

See you at “The Kate!”
Ann Nyberg, Trustee, KHCAC

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