Upper-Left-Margaret-Upper-Right-Marion-Katharine Hepburn Belo

Upper Left, Margaret; Upper Right, Marion; Katharine Hepburn Below

Katharine Hepburn had two sisters one was Marion (in the upper right hand corner of the photo) which you can read about a bit more about in “Conversations with Ellsworth Grant.” Ellsworth was Marion’s husband.

The other sister was Margaret (upper left hand corner of the photo) who lived up on a farm in Canton and who was a librarian for a part of her life.

The current head of the Oliver Wolcott Library in Litchfield wrote a darling article on the library’s blog about what she learned from Margaret Hepburn.

Margaret Hepburn loved books and she passed that on to others who had a love for the written word. The article is entitled “The Hippest Shusher.” Enioy!

See you at “The Kate.”
Ann Nyberg, Trustee, KHCAC

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